Sunday, 26 June 2016

Restoration of the British Seagull engines

This kind of restoration takes place while other work is in process, so it takes time.

The engine below will be about sixty years old? it has been stripped right down to the engine, then all parts were re plated or re painted as required.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

The engine in the picture is a series 102 version and is rated to 3.5 to 5 bhp, that is misleading, as I think they were using real horses to rate it against?

Check that large propellor to see what I mean.

This engine is a customers, we also have a similar engine in stock which will be for sale when its finished.

There is also a much smaller Seagull in process, this one is a family treasure and has to be ready for use in December.

The engine is still in many pieces but with the tank transfer applied today we are well on our way to completion.

The transfer will be sprayed with clear lacquer next.


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Ferodo VG 95 drum brake linings

This is one of those once off lots, it is N.O.S and basically brand new.

Size wise I think they will be for 7" brake drums which may be the Morris or Austin Mini?

At R150 per lining they will be very cost effective, its about U$7.00 each.

There are just five sets of four pieces only.

Postage world wide at our cost.


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Argie 15 kit building in Switzerland

This has come in from Basil in Zurich.

Hi Roy

I have just glued the seat riser and set the first cleats,



Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Basil has a very nice workshop, lots of light and a good build table to work off.

The workmanship looks neat and clean, this is a good way to process any build, clean up as you proceed.

The inside joints have been supported with epoxy fillets, we supply the micro balloons and fumed silica powders with each kit we sell (optional) when required.

The Argie 15 kit set from CKD Boats cc is a very popular choice.


Which way up do the Perkins 4108 diesel injector yokes go?

This question requires an answer, as so far I have not been able to find any mention of it?

The injectors on the Perkins 4108 are not in the Perkins manual for the engine, well excepting an image showing one under test but nothing otherwise in the two manuals I have.

One manual shows an image on page 32?

Images are taken from Parts 4 Engines, my thanks.

Check the way the yoke sits high and under the neck of the main injector body.

I had my injectors fitted with new nozzles, they came back to me with the yoke reversed and a large gap where that joint is.

This meant that I could not tighten the injector into the head tight enough as the yoke was fouling the cylinder head and the copper washer was not sealing the injector to cylinder head correctly.

Note the recess, this yoke is the right way up, lets call it the 'Catch Water ' position?

My four injectors were returned to me with the yoke upside down and the depth of that recess was then short on the depth I could tighten the injector nuts up to.

Click on the image above ( its my own) the gaps around the injectors can be seen clearly?

This is how the head was suppliied to me, the valves had been fully serviced, the injectors still required the same so the yokes were in the original and correct position.

I hope this information is of help to someone?


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Optimist kit by CKD Boats cc

This kit was developed from an order from a local yacht club for five kits, as we were developing the kit, three more orders from the same club came in.

Since then we have sold them into many places, sometimes with larger boat kit orders or to parents who just want to get their children onto the water.

This kit build is the first one of three kits we exported to a sailing school in the USA late last year.

The kids will build the boat, then learn how to sail them as well.

Guidence from an adult will be required.

We supply a very detailed builders guide with each kit we supply, it has some 14 pages and is filled with instructions and pictures.

There is also a Builders Jig, that is required for each build, more than one Optimist can be built on the same jig if the builders are careful.

With this order we also supplied the North Sail and a Harken deck package.


Basils Argie 15 kit building

Basil bought an Optimist kit from us last year, he made a great job of building and finishing that kit.

He then ordered two more Optimist kits and also an Argie 15 design by Dudley Dix who is in the USA. We supply the plans under licence from .

The panels when freed off from the okoume marine plywood sheets, we leave them tagged in for ease of packing.

The plans also include printed build instructions to guide the builder as the assembly takes place.

The Argie 15 is a fine craft, it can be used as a sailing camper also if you fit a canopy over the boom?

Basil calls this a 'Dry Assmbley ' that is a great idea and allows the builder to better understand the panel assembly .

The basic hull is formed, next the seats and dagger board casing will be fitted.

This kit went to Switzerland, such orders are not uncommon for us, we handle the packing and shipping, the customer then handles the inbound costs when the package arrives.

For a lot more on this great design please view the SA Yacht Blog by Justin Phillips.


Sunday, 12 June 2016

Inside the Rootes Car Company, Linwood, Scotland, factory

There are very few really good pictures of the inside of the Linwood factory that I have seen, excepting those in books about the Hillman Imp like Apex by Robert Allan.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

This picture was posted as a header on a social media site connected to The Imp Club.

With members World wide The Imp Club is well worth knowing about.

Why not go on line now and become a member!

The Hillman Imp is a compact, rear-engined saloon car that was m...anufactured under the Hillman marque by the Rootes Group (later Chrysler Europe) from 1963 to 1976

Imp variants:

The Hillman Husky estate car was based on the Imp

Hillman Imp
Hillman Imp Mark I
Hillman Imp de Luxe Mark I & Mark II
Hillman Super Imp
Hillman GT [10] (developed by Chrysler Australia from the Singer Chamois Sport and released in April 1967, it was never badged nor officially referred to as the Hillman Imp GT)[11]
Hillman Imp Californian (coupé / fastback saloon version)
Hillman Husky (estate version of the Imp from 1967)
Commer Imp Van (from November 1965)
Hillman Imp Van
Singer Chamois Mark I, Mark II, Sport, & Coupé (upmarket, luxury versions of the Imp)
Sunbeam Imp Sport
Sunbeam Sport
Sunbeam Chamois & Chamois Coupé (luxury version of the Imp)
Sunbeam Stiletto
Sunbeam Californian
Sunbeam Imp Basic (North America)
Sunbeam Imp De Luxe Mark I & Mark II (North America)

My own red Hillman Imp Californian came down that same production line on the 3rd of February 1967. The car was painted in the Rootes paint code 108, which was white,with a pale blue interior. It was a fully built up car that was an export order to Mozambique.


Saturday, 11 June 2016

Hillman Imp engines

This has been a fascination of mine from the age of seventeen when I got my very first car, it was a Balmoral Grey 1963 Hillman Imp.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Since those early days I have built so many Imp engines that the numbers are lost to me.

Many have been the standard 875cc some have been the larger 998cc, one of which I raced here at the Killarney Circuit just outside  Cape Town.


Friday, 10 June 2016

Car restorations in Hout Bay, South Africa

I am able to restore cars such as the Imp to any standard, including sprint and race plus engine rebuilds.

My main speciality is the 1963 to 1973 Hillman Imp and its cousins. on the images to enlarge them.

This red 1967 Hillman Imp Californian coupe is my own car, it has been in progress now just short of two years and while other works were happening.

The car is now a daily driver and can be driven if required.

Imp 875cc engine rebuilds are a special part of what is on offer.

Many parts are ex stock, others are Imported from my many suppliers.

Imp front disc brakes are also possible.

Engine rebuilds, the one on the left is a 998cc block.

Cylinder heads are ex stock.

Total body works can also be done.


Folding alloy mast steps for sale

Now sold!

I have three, two have been used but are fine to use, the other is brand new.

R300 each only!

An imported product and possibly hard to find now?

I can post to most places in the RSA via Postnet for just R100 extra.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Building our Optimist kit in the USA

We recently sent three Optimist kits to a sailing school in America.

It looks like they are off to a very good start with reading our detailed builders manual!


Monday, 6 June 2016

Aries Mk5 self steering gear for sale

Now sold and it will be off cruising soon I hope.

This is the last design model that Aries Marine Vane Gears poduced?

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

This Aries Mk5 is a little different though as after three South Atlantic Ocean crossings and when the delivery crew on the last trip failed to lubricate the gear once a day, the original alloy gears and nylon bearings required renewing.

The new parts installed were all in stainless steel.

New parts and by then the gears were in stainless steel were imported.

Since refitting the gear has been used once on a local test sail to show some local friends how well the Aries vane gear works.

The mount bracket, tubes and vanes for the water and air control are included.

This is very much a once off offer and at only R25,000 is a very good offer for such a quality self steering gear.

Seen here and on the test sail as mentioned, what you see is what is on offer, the transom extention is included if required?

At U$1675.00 this is too cheap?

Ex Cape Town, South Africa.


Friday, 3 June 2016

Aerogen 4 wind charger for sale

Since sold and will be on a cruising yacht soon.

This item has been used, new bearings have now been fitted. It will be bench tested prior to dispatch.

The Aerogen 4 will put out an easy 20 amps when its windy.

The system is a 12 volt one, a 24 volt stator can be fitted, it is ex stock and would be exchanged for the 12 volt  stator, not sold as part of the offer .

The LVM dump resistor kit is part of the offer.

The 316 polished stainless mounting mast is included in the offer.

The unit is now serviced with two new main shaft sealed type bearings, plus the bench test has shown a good output. 

The manual is included, its some 18 pages of information, one of which shows that you need a volt meter rated to 100 volts, we used 200 volts and saw as many as 120 volts in our test.

Now packed and waiting the first person who wants it .

Each item has been wrapped in its own wrapping.

The price is R8000 which is U$520 (exchange rate controled) the unit is in the Cape Town, South Africa, area.

Postage world wide at what ever that costs?


Genuine Bruce anchors for sale

I have two real Bruce anchors for sale, both used but undamaged.

One is the 20 kg size  and suitable for quite a large vessel, the other is a 5kg size and would suit a small to medium sized boat.

The price is R8000 for the larger one and R2500 for the smaller one.

Please beware of imitations of which there are many.

I have used a Bruce anchor on all my yacht cruises and never had an issue with dragging once.

The anchor is possibly the most important part of your safety equipment when cruising.

Contact me for further details.