Friday, 28 April 2017

We have an export order to produce a Fireball kit.

Pricing will be done over the next few weeks, that will be the CNC plywood hull and deck panels, bulkheads, hardwood to framing etc.
North Sails and Harken deck gear will be offered by optional to the kit.

Licence fees may be liable.

Shipping the kits worldwide will be possible, it depends on where you are?

Contact me for more information and pricing.


Fireball (dinghy)

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Klassenzeichen Fireball.PNG
Class symbol
Fireball dinghy.svg
Crew2 (single trapeze)
Hull weight175 lb (79 kg)
LOA16 ft 2 in (4.93 m)
Beam4 ft 6 in (1.37 m)
Mast Length22.3 ft (6.8 m)
Mainsail area108 sq ft (10.0 m2).
Jib / Genoa area35 sq ft (3.3 m2).
Spinnaker area140 sq ft (13 m2).
Class is a member of World Sailing
Fireball dinghy under spinnaker
Originally designed by Peter Milne in 1962, the Fireball is a one-design high-performance sailing dinghy. The Fireball is sailed by a crew of two, and sports a single trapeze, symmetric spinnaker and chined hull. The class is strictly controlled, but has adapted to advances in building techniques. The hulls (plywood, FRP or composite) have a strict minimum weight limit of 175 lb (79 kg) (with correctors).
The Fireball is a highly competitive dinghy, with large fleets worldwide and state, national, continental and world championships held annually. Competitors of all ages help make this class enjoyable for everyone. The performance of the boat is very dependent on tuning as the Fireball's rig can be adjusted in numerous ways.

Friday, 7 April 2017

The Royal Cape One Design as a kit?

A mail today from a friend asked if we did the R.C.O.D ?

I told him about Justins blog.


The idea on the RCOD as a kit has been around for some while, it has yet to become an order.

I suggested to Justin to start the SA Yacht blog a few years back, we were discussing the state of the supply of keel boats, I told him that the RSA yachting industry was far greater than many would imagine, so he started the blog.

It gets a heck of a lot of views these days.

HBYC's Shosholoza (1) during Admirals Regatta 2006
Video clip of Shosholoza finishing last race in strong wind

We can move forward with this design if some orders are placed.

How easy can we make it.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Toylander model kit

This model of the Toylander was created by the man who does our CNC work his name is Nigel.

We have discussed scale models of our various boat kits for some while,with new orders coming in,we needed to check out our Finger Joint systems on the Toylander Series Two we have on file,some joints were not meeting exactly,so Nigel came up with a great idea to re scale down to a 3mm MDF board,this means a 1/4 sized Toylander,

check the joints,find out where the finger joints fit before you build the real thing, so now we have our first toy scale kit!

This smaller scale model of the full sized Toylander kit can be used to get the feel of build in the reall thing full sized.

It  is small and light enough to post to most places.

CKD Boats cc are licenced to produce the full sized Toylander, terms apply and the buyer must first purchase the plans from Real Life Toys who are in Wales, UK.

Our scale kit shows you what our full sized Toylander is supplied as, we have added finger joints to enable a faster build, that should be easy to do in the period of one day.

Only CKD Boats cc offer this service, we can of course supply the scaled down kit as well.

Contact me for more details.


Saturday, 18 March 2017

B and G Network cockpit instruments for sale

Sold as a complete pack and with the specially made mounting case, or as a single unit.

Click on each image to enlarge it.

As transducers are not connected a zero reading will be seen.

The lights can be turned off if required.

Two speed transducers are available, one also has a water temperature sender in it.

The 'No Data ' read out is due to there not being a GPS receiver connected.

Contact me for pricing.

Postage world wide.


Friday, 17 March 2017

Superform bending plywood's orders

New stock will arrive at the end of next month, shipping willing.

Largely pre sold but there will be some packs that will be available.

Simply the best there is and it is EU aproved. so carries the CE stamp on each pack.

We are now past twenty years of importing bending plywoods, so if you want information on its use and where to buy it please contact me.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Wharram kit set for the Tiki 38

We were the suppliers of Dans materials list from the designers pages on the boat, little did we know that the Tiki 38 become quite a famous one.

The SV Luckyfish.

The Build

Builder’s Background

There are quite a few Wharram hotspots around the world, one of them is South Africa. Luckyfish was built in Cape Town by Dan Hardwicke. Dan had built a few boats before tackling the Tiki 38. His Dad was a Wharram man. They had a Hitia 14, Tiki 21, Tiki 26 and a Pahi 42 as well as various monohulls.

Dan and his mate Adrian originally planned to build two Tiki 38’s together, but Adrian couldn’t wait so bought the Tiki 38 Two Ticks instead. In 2008 Adrian did a complete refit of Two Ticks and Dan gained valuable experience that would be useful later when he started his own. The first ideas for the Luckyfish pod design and layout originated from Two Ticks rebuild. Adrian sailed his boat out to New Zealand and Dan started building in 2009. In Dan’s own words “I was quite clear on what I wanted and believe she is the best set up Tiki 38. Yes, you can change a Wharram design but I am not a fan of that. Get a different boat”.


In December 2009 Dan approached Roy McBride of CKD Boats to provide Okoume (Gaboon) ply, machined Oregon to the designers list and epoxies (Gurit 106, a German made clone of West System) for the build. Roy digitised the parts from Dan’s set of plans where possible and from dimensions offset from the framework, and provided CNC cut bulkheads and hull panels. This resulted in the build progressing very quickly. To anyone who can prove they have paid for a set of plans, Roy can supply BS1088 marine grade Okoume ply CNC cut: lower and upper bulkheads; lower and upper hull panels; cross beams; mast box; engine wells; stems and beam trunks. Roy can ship to anywhere in the world. The plywood is Dolphin Superply Marine Plywood, made to a high standard in China. The manufacturer meets the BS1088 standard using 100% African Okoume and phenol formaldehyde glue, passing the 72 hours boiling test. As a precaution, Dan tested the glues used in each sheet by boiling a sample in hot water. There were no failures. I met a Tiki 46 builder in Namibia using the same brand, testing his sheets the same way, with the same results.

Note, we now use and  supply similar quality okoume marine ply and from Spain.

We do not loan or hire out out CNC cut files, this applies to all of the many designs we have in stock,


Friday, 10 March 2017

North Sails head sail in white Dacron

Used very little and with a new bolt rope fitted.

The size is Luff 13mtrs Leech 10.8 mtrs Foot 5.6 mtrs.

Will suit a yacht sized around 37 feet?

In white dacron, no marks or stains, looks new?

North Sails sail bag is included.

Price is R8000 which is around U$620 plus shipping.

This North Sail is offered at less than half the cost of a new one.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Mercury 2.5 hp marine outboard motor

This motor has run hardly any hours and can be expected to run as new.

The propeller is virtually  unmarked!

It has just been gassed up and given a test run (dry) it can be collected anytime soon.

This really is in a fine condition, a user manual is provided also.

It is in the Cape Town, South Africa area.

Delivery in the RSA as whatever it costs?

The price is R6500 (no offers please) so just U$500 (only)

Perfect as tender or back up motor.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tan dacron head sails for sale

I have two, new and never used, one has not even been removed from its sail bag.

The picture is not of one of those on offer but shows the tan colour of the sails when in the sunlight.

They are suitable for a yacht around 45 to 50 feet long.

Contact me for dimensions and pricing.


Now posted on Gumtree.

There are two tan dacron sails, never used, one has never even been taken out of its carry bag.

one is a number one yankee and sized Luff x 15mtr Leech x 9.50 mtr, Foot x 8.40 mtrs

Cost R12,000.

The other is smaller and also a yankee cut.

Sized Luff 12 mtrs , Leech 7.6 mtrs, Foot 6.71 mtrs

Cost R8000.

Wilhelms Argie 15 build

We love to get mails from our kit builders, progress reports and pictures too.

Hi Roy, 

We just love our Argie. Thank you for the advice over the years!

 Chris Wilhelm

As well as the CNC plywood kit we also supplied the Ronstan deck gear and North Sails.

This posting marks over one and a half million views on the site!


Monday, 6 March 2017

Bending plywood from CKD Boats cc

We were importing bending plywood twenty years ago and still do so.

Orders in pack lots are welcomed.

The process to make such a material requires the best veneers and glues, they make in a government controled factory and the plywood packs carry the CE stamp of approval.

Simply the best there is!

Contact me for prices.


Friday, 3 March 2017

Marina walkway decking planks

We have supplied specially selected and treated pine walkway planks for marina use for a long time now.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The treated pine lasts well in a marine enviroment, being a product of South Africa, it is highly cost effective. It also weighs less than hardwoods or plastics.

Our service includes pre selection of the wood, planing all round , adding top bevels to the two long edges and in the case of this marina there are also end rebates to allow fitment into the steel channel that the walkways are made from.

This end rebate allows the wood to be fitted up to 4mm thicker than would be the case if the wood was planed down to fit the steel channels only.

Our service includes delivery, we can ship World Wide.

Prices on application.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Tent Camping in England, circa 1957

The date will be thereabouts, we were one of the new emerging families who started to camp under canvas back then.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

If you look closer you will see the reflected image of my father in the mirror hanging inside the tent!

That Ford was not our car, we had the use of my grandfathers 1954 Morris Oxford back then.

Was this camp site at Theobalds Park outside London?

This was right on the side of a cliff and near Talland Bay,Cornwall, England.

Pictures are by Robert Henry McBride.


A comment from Ken, an ex  CCY member in the UK..

that is another great image, you can just imagine sitting in the shade reading a book with a “nice” cup of tea! Ken

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Austin A40 Somerset original parts manual

We have a decent copy and for sale.

From Wikipedia

The Austin A40 Somerset is an automobile which was produced by the Austin Motor Company from 1952 until 1954. The Somerset replaced the Austin A40 Devon and, as a body-on-frame car, it was comparable in size to its predecessor. It shared a number of components with the Devon which included a similar 1.2 litre straight-4 pushrod engine. The Somerset's engine was updated to produce 42 hp (31 kW),[5] compared to the Devon's 40 hp (30 kW), giving the car a top speed of 70 mph (110 km/h).

The pages are in fine condition, just the cover page is marked but readable.

This is a genuine collectors item now.

Parts for a rebuild?

At fifty five years old this book is in remarkable condition.

Its all there, you just need the car to restore.

These cars were built by Austin in the UK, also exported as CKD parts to Japan and Australia, there licenced builders assembled them under the Austin name.

Please note, we have no parts available for this car,


B and G Auto Pilot and Network controls and repeaters

Many in stock and part of my own source of spares as collected over the time I owned my own yacht.

Please contact me for details and prices etc. shipping World wide is fine.

These are in the special housing I made and never used.

The compass has a loose side pin and needs fixing.

Now on Gumtree so there is lots of interest.

ACP1 pilot, there is an ACP2 circuit board also.

The Hornet 4 and Hecta depth are the Rolls Royce of such systems.

Two Network pilot controls.

Other repeaters are also in stock.

The original Network pilot with a booster circuit box and control.

ACP1, still one of the best pilots made.

Contact me for info.

Please note I do not have spare MHU ( mast head units) they can be bought from the agents.
All of the systems shown can be serviced when required by the B&G service agents.