Friday, 22 May 2015

Bombaloza and Vuvuleza rowing sculls

We recently supplied Myles a kit for the Bombaloza single rowing scull, two days back Geordie phoned me to say it was seen out on False Bay and looking good.

This clip shows the original boat, not the one on False Bay.

Geordie was so impressed he and his rowing club are thinking of building the Vuvuleza double scull over the winter.

He has now got the quote to the kit, plus the required building jig, let's hope he orders and we can get some pictures of the building and the result.

Plans are very detailed and 45 pages long, full of instructions and pictures.

Monday, 18 May 2015

AIS XB 8000, whats in the box?

This was ordered a week back and Fedex did the delivery today.

The best AIS transponder by far.

Each transponder comes with its own dedicated GPS.

The unit is well packed and includes the required cables, all you need to do is install it.

How easy can that be? yes there is an installation booklet with each set supplied.


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Project Binky

Bad Obsession Motorsport have just added episode 9 , what a good watch for those who like cars and changing or renovating them.

How hard can it be?

Start at episode 1 and you will find out.



Friday, 15 May 2015

British Seagull gear box parts

We have been asked to supply a British Seagull Forty Plus drive gear, that one has 35 teeth and is the larger one in the picture.

With a good selection of used British Seagull spares and engine parts now in stock we have one but does it form part of a stripped down engine is the question?

Then we cannot sell the gear without the rest of the engine.

Not so easy this time?

We now need to find out if the part is spare or not.

How easy can this be?

We have British Seagull engines that can be rebuilt to your order.

One we sent off last week brought the comment below, I need to add the mans British Seagull was a wreck.


Got the little motor on Saturday . It is beautiful – excellent job !Well done !




Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Vesper Marine XB8000 AIS, can changes be made to the MMSI number??

This was a question we were asked last week, a question not asked before, we contacted the Vesper Marine support office for a reply.

The model is thne XB-8000 class B transponder.

'"The best black box a boater can buy is the XB-8000."

Compared with Raymarine, Garmin and others. "It truly offers the most advanced technology in any AIS transponder available today."
The Teak Rail is the result of hundreds of hours of research and thousands of hours of abuse aboard vessels sailing the high seas.

The XB-8000 AIS Transponder has WiFi, NMEA 2000® & 0183, USB and GPS receiver all built right in and includes our powerful external GPS antenna.

The world's first Class B AIS with built-in WiFi and NMEA 2000 gateway converting navigation instrument data so it can be viewed on most any tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac. It is the most full-featured Class B AIS "black box" transponder and is the only AIS transponder that can be used as a GPS source for NMEA 2000 networks.

Read below.

Hi Roy,

All AIS transponders are required to only allow the MMSI to be programmed once. Non-Vesper Marine transponders must be returned to the dealer or manufacturer if a change is necessary. However in our case, the MMSI can be changed in any Vesper Marine transponder without needing to return the unit to anyone. It simply requires an email to along with the serial number, the existing MMSI (the one to be erased) and a statement attesting to the location of the boat. The only exception is that it is illegal for an end user to change the MMSI in the United States.

Best regards


In this case we were able to sell the unit to the buyer, he is a delivery skipper and wants the best AIS on the market but also needs an AIS that can have its MMSI number changed for each delivery.

What an interesting question!


Monday, 11 May 2015

Vice Commodore Taffy's HBYC winter cruise

Taffy decides that as so many HBYC yachts now have a COF ( certificate of fitness) its time to get out on the water, five boats sailed, which is not many but we made a start and did have a fine afternoons sailing.

Yacht Flying Cloud on her own HBYC marina berth is a Dix 43, built and fitted out for blue water cruising, she is for sale.

With the power cable to the HBYC having been stolen, the yachts 60 watt solar panel and 6amp wind charger are really earning their keep these days.

Athol sorted out the mainsail, Owen too but cannot be seen in this shot.

Rear Commodore of the HBYC Taffy steers the course out of the bay, while Jean watches he is heading the right direction?

Shirley was with us too and it was she who fed us all with some wonderful snacks served up on a large tray she and Taffy bought in Trinidad!

The solid teak table was made by CKD Boats cc, Taffy and Shirley took one around the world with them on their fourteen year circumnavigation, We can still make them to special order for you.

Owen joined us for the day also, he has done two transatlantic crossings now?

The wind was very light to start the afternoon but when it blew up to over 20 knots later on, the boats hard spray dodger was good protection for those in the boats cockpit.

Sailing out towards Chapmans Bay and the course which took us around Vulcan Rock.

This rock is un marked and needs careful consideration when sailing in the area of Chapmans Bay, there is a second and normally submerged rock named Taffelburg, that rock is on the landward side of the rock in the picture and to the right of the image. Both rocks break waves in rough weather so can normally be seen quite easily.

Athol sitting on his favorite perch. The yacht is a Dix designed Dix 43 in wood/epoxy.

What a nice afternoon we all had!


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Teepol Orange detergent

This was posted by myself recently on a forum I subscribe to, its really boat related so should be of interest to those who view my own blog?

I have mentioned Teepol Orange a number of times, there is a very strong reason and it revolves around a steel boat keel shoe, the keel was 4.4 mtrs long and 1.1 mtrs high, with the five tones of hot poured lead inside it, the weight was six tons.

The keel shoe was originally sharp grit blasted then sprayed with International Paints Intergard etch primer, this was done by a local shipyard.

There was a two year period while the boat the keel was to be fitted to was completed, the keel was kept outside during this time. The yacht was finished and a tie coat was applied to the Intergard primer, over the tie coat went Interspeed antifouls.

About five years after the boat had been in the water, it was seen that there was rust in the steel, the Intergard had failed but why? contamination had to be the cause.

A pro team used UHP (ultra high Pressure) at about 2000 bars or so of pure clean water, all paints were removed in short time, the keel was now clean and could be re painted with etch primer, the guys used Sigma Coatings green etch primer. The next day a tie coat was applied but only after the paints of the day before was washed down with Teepol Orange (clear) I asked why, the reason was we do not know what happened to the paints over night, possibly it was fouled by exhaust smoke or similar?

I joked what about the large ships you service, do you wash them the next day also? Yes was the reply.

Today I never overcoat any similar paint without Teepol Orange, I wish I had thought about it before I last sprayed the roof of my Califorinan?

I did this yesterday and today I have a rather good smooth paint surface, was it down to Teepol Orange? I would like to think so :D 

Note: Handy Andy, Fairy Liquid, Teepol Green etc etc must not be used, they have additives and they will cause problems.
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An African Imp Hillman Californian ( circa 1967 )

Monday, 4 May 2015

Dove Tail joints and Ocean Planet

Ocean Planet was based on a GRP hull Endurance 37 designed by Peter Ibold. In England I had designed and built my own design the Bahia 34 but sold it as an incomplete hull when I then returned to Cape Town.

After Jean and I married, we placed an offer on a home here in Hout Bay, then Jean happened to say that if I would rather build a yacht well why not?

This was long before the days when CNC machines and computer cut boat kits were even thought of, so I bought a bare Endurance 37 hull with the cockpit fitted and worked on from there.

The boat was fitted out using what ever wood was to hand, time was that I would use other folks scraps, they still made nice joinery really. One feature I put into the boat was 'Dove Tail Joints ' if you ever find Ocean Planet you will see those joints in the deck combings and also in the draws in the galley which is on the port side of the boat and at the foot of the companion way steps.

We later sold the boat, last I heard it was in Ibiza, Spain and seemed to have no owner, I wonder where it is today?
Other yachts were made but I never did repeat the details of hand made dove tails iin any of them (smile)
My own tool box was another matter of course.
How easy can this be?
Very really you just need to want them.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Hillman Imp Californian circa 1967

Progress has moved to a trial fit of the cars new interior. The trim uses the same panel layouts and black vinyl that the Rootes Car Co, Scotland used.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The door cards and padded top door caps have since been fitted.

The interior was re made by one of the best trim shops we have.

The engine was running when this shot was taken, note the 50 pounds oil pressure, the amp meter is not connected.

Imp Californian

This is the original engine block, all numbers match, the block still runs the original pistons, crank and all bearings, we fitted new piston rings some time back.

The interior will next be removed pending the completion of some parts the the new paint works.


Thursday, 30 April 2015

Lotus Elan Dash Board and Glove Box fittings kit

This parts kit, is as far as I know complete, I say this as it was myself that removed it off the Lotus Elan glove box facia.

The key was not with the parts when I was given it.
The parts are originals, not a job lot made up from other cars, all came direct of a genuine Lotus Elan.The switch to the glove box light is included.

I was asked by a guy named Chris to do a new walnut dash covering to a Lotus Elan.

Veneercraft charged me about R960 to laminate the veneers to the dash, plus my labour etc etc.

The customer never paid me but I did keep the parts in the picture.

They should have value to the right person?

Contact me if your that person to discuss pricing, we can ship world wide.



Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Proteus 106 kit scarph making process.

The  pictures tell the story, this is the boat we shipped to Caracas, Venezuela.

Kit method of aligning splices etc, see attached.


Angelo Lavranos.

The peg holes are pre drilled for you,all that is required is a suitable dowl fitted in place to line the panels up 100%

This is task is repeated as the hull and deck panels are assembled, it is not difficult work in anyway though.


Monday, 27 April 2015

Superform bending plywood

This product is now available in many board stores in the Cape Town area.

CKD Boats cc, formerly Commercial Lumber cc have imported bending plywoods and veneers for over twenty years. We know the product and we know how to  use it.

It has always been waterproof, it can now be supplied to special order as fireproof as well.

Contact me for details and a specification sheet as a PDF.


A Proteus 106 looking back in Thailand

This is the view looking aft from the decks of Ricks Proteus 106 catamaran.

Rick had his boat built for him before the start of our production of supplying CNC cut kits, the builders built the longer way and from plans.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

A sailing canoe kit?

This is out of the past and is an older design than the years I have lived, while its not a kit, if enough orders were placed I an sure we could copy it?

In our case all those meranti wood frames would become okoume plywood, saves a mass of weight and also the time to fabricate them.

Morning Roy,

Have you seen something like this before?

It is a canvas on frame sailing canoe. This one dates back to about 1939/1945. These canoes were sailed and raced on the Zwartkops River at Redhouse Yacht Club, Port Elizabeth.

The boats usually had a single lug sail although I have seen pictures of Bermudan rigs as well.
LOA 4.3 mts, B 1.150 mts.

What I have established is that this particular canoe was found abandoned in the mud on the River bank in the 1970's. It was then stored under cover minus the canvas skin, but still covered in saltwater and river mud at Redhouse Yacht Club. I have brought it home and started cleaning it up, stripping the old paint off etc. Once that's done, I plan to re varnish the frames and stringers. We are then going to hang the framework up as a display in the Club.

The frames seems to be high quality meranti, the stringers are Oregon pine and the centreboard case Masonite (hardboard). All in very sound condition after about 70 years. No doubt thanks to the salt water which was never washed off.


My thanks to Frans for sending me the pictures and the history he knows of the craft.


Friday, 24 April 2015

DS 15 launched by Jim

This took not a long time, the designer Dudley Dix mentions just six months.

The words below are extracted from Dudleys own blog.

Didi Sport 15 (DS15) Launch

The long-awaited day arrived this weekend. Jim Foot, in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, launched his self-built DS15 at Algoa Bay Yacht Club. He started with a pre-cut plywood kit supplied by CKD Boats in Cape Town and took approximately 6 months of his spare time from ..................

DS15 "Bateleur" about to get wet for the first time.
Despite the very light wind, they had good sailing and were impressed by performance. Jim's first comments are:-

She sails beautifully and she is fast. Beating into a chop in light wind this am going at about 3,7 kts felt happy. Then was told wind spd 4 kts by passing boat quite amazing.
Very well behaved. No balance issues. Save a bit of lee helm with the kite up. Loads of compliments from older sailors. Hunter Gall get on the water you dont know what you are missing. This is one good boat. Ps only sailed in bulb config at this stage.
A few changes to make. But not many. Congrats Dudley on a fantastic hull. Its a beaut